By W. C. Reynolds, R. W. MacCormack

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Table 2 gives basic variables employed in the FE-analysis, which include the work hardening property of the material, the size of a surface crack in the wide plate, and the Weibull modulus m. Work hardening property : The work hardening properties affect the near-crack tip stress fields to a large extent. 95 54 PREDICTIVE MATERIAL MODELING with a given yield stress o'y= 583 MPa. For comparison, the YR was also varied with a given tensile strength o'T= 711 MPa. 4 %. These cry, (r e and e r values were referred to the mechanical properties of a high strength pipeline steel of grade 550 MPa [23].

56 PREDICTIVE MATERIAL MODELING Q. 400 13. 60 ~. 82 m 100 12. 3 (a) t~:r-constant condition ~o) t~},-constant condition Figure 6 -- Effect ofyield ratio YR on evolution of near-crack tip maximum stress and Weibull stress for 3PB specimen and wide )~late. t ........ ,f/" 2 Q,. 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 e=/ey Figure 7 -- CTOD - overall strain eoo relationship for wide plate with different yield ratios. MINAMI AND ARIMOCHI ON CONSTRAINT CORRECTION 57 It can be understood from Figures 6 and 7 that the dependence of the CTOD ratio fl on YR is mainly dominated by the crack opening behavior of the wide plate.

This is consistent with the numerical results in Figure 5, small fl for a high YR. Effect of Crack Size in W{dePlate Component (a) Effect of Crack Length --The size of a surface crack exerts an influence on the Weibull stress of the wide plate in two aspects; the near-crack tip stress errand the volume V~ of the 9 e]j j . fracture process zone. In addition, the crack size governs directly flae crack opening behavior of the wide plate. The CTOD ratio fl is determined by the combined effects of these properties.

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