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Pre-Columbian Landscapes of production and OriginEdited via John Edward Staller, the sphere Museum, Chicago, ILPre-Columbian Andean and Mesoamerican cultures have encouraged a unique fascination between historians, anthropologists, archaeologists, in addition to most of the people. As of the earliest identified and studied civilizations, their starting place and production mythologies carry a distinct curiosity.

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We are also grateful to New American Schools, which deserves a special acknowledgment for supporting independent research on its efforts. We are also grateful to the students, teachers, principals, design teams, and district administrators and staff who allowed us in their schools and gave their time to respond to our questions, provided critical data, and clarified issues along the way. All played a crucial role in providing information to better understand what kinds of schools the NAS designs are working with, and we appreciate their efforts and dedication to improving the capacity of schools, the professional development of teachers, and the well-being of students.

We also relied on information from surveys of teachers and principals, student achievement and background characteristics, observations and classroom artifacts, and interviews with district staff to help us address the questions of this study. ______________ 3At the time of this study, the San Antonio superintendent had a stated goal of all the schools in the district adopting some type of whole-school reform design (NAS or nonNAS designs) by fall 1999. 1 NAS Designs in San Antonio Co-NECT Schools (Co-NECT) Co-NECT emphasizes three important components in its design: an interdisciplinary project-based curriculum; integrated technology; and continuous assessment of school and student progress.

Core Elements of Designs To accomplish the goal of improving performance, each design team has a “theory of action” that establishes a link between elements of the design (which include curriculum and instruction, professional development, school governance), classroom learning environments, and student performance. The NAS designs range from relatively specific descriptions of how schools should be organized and what materials and professional development should be relied on to less specific visions and processes for school restructuring.

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