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More specifically, it was proposed that the syntactic operation of displacement is mapped to the semantic operation of establishing scope. g. Heim & Kratzer [49]). 2 Mismatches There are quite a few mismatches as well. Let us recall the three major ones. The first one is that languages can establish operator scope without displacement. Most quantificational noun phrases are a case in point, since they do not show any signs of having been displaced. Also, in some languages, in situ whphrases do not show characteristics of displacement.

Form ::= String :: Cat [Feat] Features can be thought of as representing some property of an expression that needs to be satisfied in a local configuration with a certain other expression. 1 Features 53 assumptions. More specifically, I assume that features come in two varieties: as goal features f and as probe features •f with a prefix that indicates that it matches with a corresponding goal feature. Definition 5. The set of syntactic features is given by: Feat ::= Value | • Value Value ::= wh | top We will mainly look at features wh for question formation and only quickly mention topicalization features top in passing.

At second sight, the displacement we know and Quantifier Raising show quite different patterns, as we saw when looking at constraints on displacement and scope: While the scope of quantifiers is not affected by islands but is clause-bound, displacement fails to reach beyond islands but can cross clause boundaries quite easily. Other technical objections against Quantifier Raising were that it is an adjunction rule, while no other core grammatical principle involved adjunction, and that it does not target a specific position, opposed to other displacement rules.

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