By S. M. Stirling

ISBN-10: 0451461665

ISBN-13: 9780451461667

Within the 10th 12 months of The swap, the survivors in western Oregon have discovered the best way to reside in an international with out know-how. yet a war of words among the forces of these who may rebuild the area peacefully and the dreaded Protector, who will use no matter what potential at his command to increase his energy, threatens to plunge the whole area into open conflict.

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Chasing them down might have cost us lives—probably would have. " He shrugged robed and armored shoulders. "Just doing our job, my daughter, looking after the flock. And there were a few too many for us to tackle comfortably ourselves. It's a comfort to have you Dunedain taking up residence in this stretch of forest. " Alleyne called to her. "This one's no bandit," he said, as he stripped off a man's sword belt and tossed it aside. It was the man Hordle had shot. Blood welled out around the broken arrow-shaft, but he clutched it and glared hatred at her.

He was chuckling as she settled in. At her arched brow, he leaned his head towards the trail. "Eilir is reusing the rope," he said. " Astrid chuckled herself as she saw the trip-rope deployed; covered in mud, it would be nearly invisible while lying slack. There wasn't time for anything fancy, just a knot around one tree and a half hitch around another. "Eilir's lawar," she agreed happily. The first of the bandits came around the bend again, running hard. The rope snapped up, and three went down like puppets with their strings cut.

She waited until one looked in precisely the right direction, and until the puzzled cock of his head showed that he'd seen something unnatural. " she shouted, snatching up her sword in her right hand. In the same instant she cut upward, where the stay-rope was secured around the stub of a thick branch. The keen steel went through the hemp and into the tree trunk with a solid thunk; she left the blade embedded in the living wood as she stepped around the trunk for a clear shot. The long arrow came back as she flung the strength of arms and shoulders and gut and hips against the tension of yew and horn and sinew.

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