By Eli Grushka, Nelu Grinberg

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ISBN-13: 9781439840924

Retention Mechanism for Ion-Pair Chromatography with Chaotropic Reagents: From Ion-Pair Chromatography towards a Unified Salt Chromatography, T. Cecchi Chronological Description of the Retention Modeling in IPC Renewed curiosity in Inorganic Ionic ingredients within the RP-HPLC of Ionogenic Analytes Stoichiometric techniques to Chaotropic Chromatography improvement of the 1st Thermodynamic Theoretical version of Salt Chromatography sensible influence of Chaotropic Chromatography pressing examine wishes and proposals Mechanistic features of Chiral acceptance on Protein-Based desk bound stages, J. Haginaka easy ideas of Chiral popularity on a Protein Chiral popularity Mechanism on Protein-Based desk bound levels record of Abbreviations Mechanistic features and functions of Chiral Ligand-Exchange Chromatography, B. Natalini, R. Sardella, A. Macchiarulo, M. Marinozzi, E. Camaioni, and R. Pellicciari Thermodynamic Enantioselectivity in CLEC structures Kinetic Enantioselectivity Reciprocity of Chiral popularity in CLEC platforms Secondary Equilibria in CLEC structures appropriate elements Influencing the Chromatographic habit of Amino Acids in CLEC Covalently certain Chiral desk bound stages (B-CSPs) lined Chiral desk bound stages (C-CSPs) Chiral cellular levels (CMPs) Computational methods in Chiral Ligand-Exchange Chromatography checklist of Abbreviations Glycosylation research of Proteins, Proteoglycans, and Glycolipids utilizing Capillary Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry, A.D. Zamfir, C. Flangea, F. Altmann, and A. M. Rizzi Pretreatment techniques for Glycoconjugate research normal Technical issues relating to CE-MS Hyphenation and MS/MS of Oligosaccharides Glycoproteins Glycosaminoglycans Glycolipids Oligonucleotide Adducts as Biomarkers for DNA Damages: research by means of Mass Spectrometry Coupled to Separation equipment, Q.Liao and P. Vouros research of DNA Adducts via Mass Spectrometry Quantitative In Silico research of the Specificity of Graphitized (Graphitic) Carbons, T. Hanai Specificity of Graphitized Carbons Calculation of Molecular interplay strength Values Selectivity of Graphitized Carbon in Nonaqueous approach Selectivity of Graphitized Carbon Columns in Aqueous section Stereo Selectivity of Graphitized Carbon Synthesis of Graphitized Carbon for Chromatography functions software of Column-Switching tools in HPLC for comparing Pharmacokinetic Parameters, H. J. Lee and K.-B. Kim functions of Column Switching ideas of Column-Switching procedure Column-Switching HPLC Configuration software of Column-Switching HPLC technique for research of Compounds in organic Matrices Chromatographic tactics in a Regulated setting, T. P. Tougas software of Chromatography in Pharmaceutical Product improvement and Commercialization Validation of Analytical methods approach move using Novel fabrics as Solid-Phase Extractors for Chromatographic research, okay. Pyrzynska Bonded-Phase Silica Sorbents Polymeric fabrics Carbonaceous fabrics limited entry fabrics Immunosorbents Molecularly Imprinted Polymers Thin-Layer and High-Performance skinny Layer Chromatographic research of organic Samples, J. Sherma and B. Fried fabrics and methods purposes of TLC and HPTLC for research of organic Samples destiny customers Index

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