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Bardsley invoked two states, the Bf2Aand B2n,after considering several others. Michels derives smaller cross sections using five states; in addition to the B"A and B2n, he considers the 'Zf, the 'll 111 and the states, all of which dissociate to N(2D) + O(3P),and whose potential curves cross that of the X'C' state of NO' in the + + ELEMENTARY ATTACHMENT AND DETACHMENT PROCESSES 23 vicinity of the ground or low vibrational states of the ion. This is an example par excellence of the situation where either Fig.

76 eV, were reported for C1, just previously (Kurepa and Belic, 1977). From arguments of symmetry, Tam and Wong assign the fluorine peak to a somewhat forbidden capture of an electron into the o,, orbital of a shape resonance, which should occur in the other halogens as well. This assignment attributes the next two peaks to core excited resonances built on excitation of an electron from the nu or IT,orbital. The puzzlement here is, of course, that it is hard to reconcile the assignments of Tam and Wong with the reported rate for thermal e F, + F- + F, 10-fold larger than those for the heavy halogens.

32 eV. The implication is that this system falls in class 3. The O--N, system is compli- + + + + + + 40 R. STEPHEN BERRY AND SYDNEY LEACH + cated by the existence of the stable N,O molecule; the potential of NZ(’X) 0- is estimated to cross that of N 2 0 + e over a range of energies ranging from about half a volt above the minimum for the N - 0 stretch for linear N 2 0 to close to that minimum for a bent molecule. In other words, the probability of reaction is very sensitive to the 0 - N z orientation.

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