By Orson Scott Card

Alvin Miller, a proficient 7th son of a 7th son, makes use of his abilities as a Maker to aid create a brighter destiny for the United States, yet his activity is extra challenged via his old enemy, the Unmaker, who plots to finish Alvin's existence.

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Even as he said it, he knew it was a mistake; he had never told anyone the name by which he thought of himself, and now he had blurted it out, a boast, a brag, a demand, to this most unsympathetic of listeners. This man who was most likely, of all men, to repeat Calvin's secret dream to others. “Well, now it seems to be unanimous,” said Taleswapper. ” Calvin insisted, raising his voice, even though he knew he was making himself seem even weaker and more vulnerable. He just couldn't stop himself from talking to this slimy old man.

Interesting. I ask of healing and you answer with killing. ” “With his hands, not with his knack. A man who had just murdered an innocent woman who died to protect her son from captivity. ” “Yes, there you are, Alvin is always righteous and wonderful, while Calvin can't do nothing right! ” “He gets to do what he wants and then talks about how he's learned better now, but if I do the same things then I'm not worthy! I can't be taught any of his secrets because I'm not ready for them only I am ready for them, I'm just not ready to let Alvin decide how I'll use the knack I was born with.

He was still in Ta-Kumsaw's thrall in those days. The Red warrior took Alvin with him and brought him into his legend, so that those who now spoke of Alvin Smith the Finder-killer, or Alvin Smith and the golden plow, had once spoken of the same boy, little knowing it, when they spoke of the evil “Boy Renegado,” the white boy who went with Ta-Kumsaw in all his travels in the last year before his defeat at Fort Detroit. It was in that guise that Alvin came here, and walked down this hall, yes, turning right here, yes, tracking the folded cloth into the oldest part of the house, the original cabin, into the slanting light that seems to have no source, as if it merely seeped in through the chinks between the logs.

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