By Christopher Layne

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During this brief, available publication Layne and Thayer argue the benefits and demerits of an American empire. With few, if any, competitors to its supremacy, the USA has made an particular dedication to preserving and advancing its primacy on the earth. yet what precisely are some great benefits of American hegemony and what are the prices and downsides for this fledgling empire? After making their top situations for and opposed to an American empire, next chapters let either authors to reply to the foremost arguments offered by way of their rivals and current their very own counter arguments.

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29 Also in 2004, the United States was first in the WEF’s rankings for business competitiveness (China is 47th) and technological inno‑ vation (China is 104th) a critical indication of long-term prosperity. Nor is the 2004 ranking an aberration; the United States historically ranks first in those categories of global competitiveness. S. economy continues to grow and, most importantly, much of its productivity is based on the information technology (IT) revolution. Signifi‑ cantly, this is not the case in Europe or Japan, where substantial growth has yet to occur (as in Europe) or has peaked (as in Japan).

Most of the best universities and pri‑ vate and public think tanks are in the United States, and most of the greatest scientists and top scholars conduct their research in the United States. Although native English speakers may not think of it, the English lan‑ guage itself is a great ally of the American Empire. The English language is the world’s lingua franca. indb 28 9/15/06 6:48:41 AM The Case for the American Empire • 29 travel. It is reported that more than 300 million Chinese—the equivalent of the population of the United States—are studying English.

People welcome American ideas and culture as being not “from above,” imposed by government, but rather as being “from below”—people want and seek American cultural products even in the face of resistance from their government, as is the case today in Iran. 41 America’s soft power, its ideas, culture, and language, are as important as the military and economic foundations of America’s Empire. Like those, there is no sign that America’s soft power is waning—just the reverse: its ideas, cul‑ ture, and language are more popular than ever before.

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