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Dental implants are regarded as an efficient form of tooth replacement. Dental implants are small devices which can replace a single tooth, or support the whole denture appliance. It is made from titanium or zirconium, and it essentially reinstates the root system of your lost tooth. This makes dental implant impactful and beneficial.

A dental implant is inserted in a jawbone and works as an anchor for natural-looking restorations. The entire treatment can take up to three to six months as the bone tissue might need time to blend with the implants.

Although this treatment consumes time to heal, still it does not involve several visits to the dentist. To begin with the dental implant treatment, we start with a consultation. Here we discuss the details about dental implants and the patient’s medical history is evaluated. After this, we take impressions; prepare fluorescing dentures or teeth for the patient to wear and capture a cone beam 3D radiograph.

Thereafter we plan implant positioning by placing the implant in a place where it is fully supported by the bones. This will prevent damage to nerves, sinuses and roots of other teeth. Some patients might also have inadequate bone volume or height and bone grafting might be necessary before dental implant placement.

From this information, we can design a tooth which is supported by a guide or denture and can be positioned to place implants on the intended locations. This helps the dentist to complete the Dental implant surgery quickly, and the patient experiences less or no pain. After replacing the dental implant, the patient needs to wait for the bone to heal around the implant. The healing process might usually consume 6-12 weeks for the bone to heal around the implant.

Although the dental implant process consumes time, still the advantages of this treatment are higher in comparison to any other form of tooth replacement.

These advantages include:

  • Dental implants provide the same stability as a natural tooth. It also provides an ease to eat, and bite without discomfort.
  • There is no hindrance or discomfort while smiling, speaking, or laughing.
  • You do not need to take any extra care to maintain dental implants. You can simply maintain a daily routine of brushing or flossing and visit your dentist and your hygienist at least twice a year.
  • As the bone tissue heals around implants, your jawbone structure is completely preserved.

Dental implants provide superior function and enhance your appearance. These are the reasons why they are viewed as an efficient form of tooth replacement. At All Smile Dental, you can get Dental implants treatment near Ascot Vale from an expert and reliable dentist. We focus on delivering personalized treatments, working closely with the patients and offering the best possible treatments to get good results.

So, connect with us today, and get to know more about our dental services.

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